Bitcoin soon in Valhalla? Valkyrie financier

Bitcoin soon in Valhalla? Valkyrie financier wants to list BTC on the US stock exchange

ETF: the new crypto mode – Asset Manager Valkyrie has just filed an application with the SEC to issue a new ETF, based on Bitcoin. This new asset, named Valkyrie Bitcoin Trust, would allow investors indirect exposure to the king of crypto.

Growing interest in Bitcoin ETFs

The Valkyrie Bitcoin Trust would be listed on the New York Stock Exchange, using the specialist services of Coinbase to store bitcoins used as collateral. The company hopes that this new potential ETF will Bitcoin System help maintain the already growing interest in Bitcoin and attract new institutional investors.

In any case, Valkyrie is not the first firm to propose a Bitcoin-based ETF to the SEC. Indeed, VanEck has also expressed interest in creating such an ETF. Its CEO, Jan van Eck, has moreover to add that :

„A Bitcoin ETF, properly constructed and backed by real Bitcoin, will eventually be designed and provide exposure to the price of Bitcoin, offering insurance to protect shareholders against the operational risks of sourcing and holding [Bitcoin]. »

Why such a success?

The main advantage of ETFs is the ability to diversify investments without holding the assets in question. This will primarily benefit those who wish to focus solely on gains and losses, while minimising the risks involved.

In concrete terms, investors will no longer have to worry about the security procedures associated with holding Bitcoins and other cryptos. Moreover, it will not be necessary to deal with complex, and sometimes even quite exotic, trading platforms.

For several months now, investment funds have been engaged in a veritable race and wish, by all means, to take advantage of the exceptional returns offered by cryptos. The announcement of Valkyrie marks a new stage in this adoption.